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CNC Vision Measuring Machine QVH4A-X404P1S-D, 365-435-10Y

Thương hiệu: Mitutoyo   |   Mã sản phẩm: 365-435-10Y    
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CNC Vision Measuring Machine


Item number: 365-435-10Y

  • The Quick Vision HYBRID type 4 is a multi-sensor machine that enables the topography of the surface and the thickness of transparent objects to be measured.
  • The measuring range of the scanning sensor is 0-1200 µm.
  • Effective even for high inclination angles both of mirrored surfaces and diffuse surfaces. Maximum measurable inclination angle : ±80° (diffuse surface).
  • Achieves high resolution and high accuracy height measurement by the wavelength confocal method using axial chromatic aberration.
  • The automatic light intensity control provides reliable measurements even when reflectance of the measured surface changes during measurement.

Quick Vision H4 STREAM PLUS 404

Accuracy when using vision sensor: Same as standard Quick Vision STREAM PLUS
Accuracy E1(z) when using non-contact displacement sensor: (1,5+0,4L/100) μm(1)


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