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Kính hiển vi đo lường Microscope MF-UD2017D,176-888-10

Thương hiệu: Mitutoyo   |   Mã sản phẩm: 176-888-10    
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Item number: 176-888-10



MF-U Generation D Series: Manual models
This high-power multi-function measuring microscope gives you detailed observation with a clear and flare-less erect image and a wide field of view.
The MF-U offers you the following benefits:

  • Measuring accuracy that is one of the highest in its class.
  • Proven high-NA objectives from the FS optical system (long working distance type).
  • Integration of metallurgical and measurement microscope functions enabling you to
    make high-resolution observations and high-accuracy measurements.
  • Illumination unit (reflected/transmitted) gives you the option of a high-intensity LED or halogen bulb.
  • The variable aperture diaphragm (reflected/ transmitted) allows observation measurement while suppressing light diffraction.
  • Variety of standardized stages in sizes up to 400 × 200 mm.
  • Quick-release mechanism enabling you to move the stage quickly when measuring
    large or numerous workpieces.
  • High-magnification eyepiece observation up to 2000X.
  • A good choice of optional accessories, including a Vision Unit, various digital cameras or data management on a PC, promises a wide field of application and excellent measuring
XY stage travel range:
200 x 170 mm
130 kg
Measurement system:
X, Y and Z axis (3 axes)
Observation type:
Bright/Dark Field (BF/DF)
Z-axis travel range:
220 mm
XY stage top size:
410 x 342 mm mm
Effective glass size:
270 x 240 mm mm
Swiveling function (left):
Max. stage loading:
20 kg
Max. workpiece height:
Observation image:
Erect image
Indication accuracy (at 20°C):
XY-axis: (2,2+0,02L) µm
Z-axis: (5+0,04L) µm
L: Measuring length (mm) when not loaded, JIS B 7153
Floating function:
X and Y axes with Quick-release mechanism



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