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Kính hiển vi đo lường Microscope TM-505B, 176-818E

Mã sản phẩm: MI4097    
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Microscope TM-505B

Item number: 176-818E


With this Toolmaker‘s Microscope you can measure dimensions and angles on small workpieces thanks to the optional analogue or digital micrometer heads and the built-in circular scale.

Further benefits of the TM Generation B include:

  • Toolmakers microscopes well-suited for measuring dimensions and angles of features on small workpieces with the XY stage and rotating eyepiece scale.
  • Compact design with recessed grips for better portability. The slim design makes this microscope ideal for use in areas with limited space.
  • Powerful adjustable LED light sources for contour and surface illumination provide optimum lighting conditions for workpiece inspection.
  • The TM Generation B is available with work stages of 50 x 50 mm or 100 x 50 mm.


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